💡 About

Magellan is a GIS tool used for the engineering of coaxial and fiber optic communication networks developed by Rainbow Design Services, Inc.

It is currently being used by Comcast and Spectrum (Charter Communications).

I started working on this project in 2019 as a Senior Developer and was promoted in 2020 to Technical Lead where I oversaw a team of front-end developers. We collaborated with stakeholders and other internal teams to build Magellan from the ground up.

👨‍💻 Tech

Authentication Magellan1

Session Management Magellan2

CRUD Operations Magellan5

Data Loading (2D) Magellan6

3D Render Mode Magellan44

Object Data Viewer Magellan7

Fiber Optic Splicing Magellan8

Circuit Management Magellan10

Layer Toggling Magellan13

Map Theming Magellan14

Satellite View Tiles Magellan15

Workflow Sequences Magellan17

Workflow Selections Magellan24

Report Generation Magellan31

Selection Based Report Generation Magellan32

Workflow Object Placement Magellan25

Object Search Magellan29

Object Search Selection Magellan30

Screen Capture Magellan39

Console Output Magellan40

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