Process Optimization

💡 About

During my time at Process Research & Optimization (PRO), I learned more about how large organizations struggle to maintain efficiency and how some of those inefficiencies can be solved.

I worked with various companies to help them understand their internal processes and how they can improve those processes to save time and money.

🔥 Problem

We used a variety of tools, such as Signavio to model a process from end-to-end, using BPMN, and run simulations to help clients understand where bottlenecks were occuring in their businesses processes. The problem with these tools, at the time, was they could not process the volume we wanted to simulate. Our clients had millions of transactions per year and the existing were unable to handle that level of volume. We also had several ideas to improve the visual aspect of these simulations to better understand what was happening and what all of the data actually meant.

🔧 Solution

I created a tool in Unity which allowed our consultants to model a business process and run 10x the number of transactions that the existing tools were able to handle. The tool also had additional features, such as being able to control the speed of the simulation which was useful for marketing purposes and allowed company stakeholders to better communicate ideas to clients. Another benefit to this tool was it’s deterministic nature. Each simulation was able to output the same results each and every time whereas existing tools could vary as much as 50% between simulations with the exact same data.

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